Clever ways to make your apartment feel cozy

It's cold out there! We hope you're staying warm and cozy indoors somewhere. If you spend a lot of time at home over the winter months, it's important for your home to be warm and inviting. These tips and tricks will make your apartment a cozy refuge this winter.

Use more blankets

Throw blankets make pretty much anyone feel warm and cozy on a cold day or night. Stock up on them and distribute them anywhere you like to sit back and relax in your home (on living room couches and chairs, on dining room chairs, on a bed in your bedroom). Having an easy to grab blanket puts coziness within easy reach.

Try a virtual fireplace 

You can use your smart tv to display a virtual fireplace. While this may not make you physically warmer, it can add virtual coziness to your space quite effectively.

Try an electric fireplace

If your home tends to feel drafty in winter, space heaters can come in handy. A portable electric fireplace is both functional as a space heater and adds visual coziness to any space. What's cozier than a toasty (fake) fire?

Use flannel sheets

If you find yourself getting cold overnight, flannel sheets are a cozy and functional swap for lighter sheets. They feel soft and warm and can keep you very warm while you sleep on a cold winter night.

Big mugs and warm drink mixes

A big mug of a steamy and creamy hot drink can go a long way towards making you feel super cozy and warm in the winter. Invest in a set of big café style mugs and keep easy-to-mix warm drink mixes on hand so you can easily whip up a hot chocolate or a creamy latte in minutes to enjoy as you unwind.

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