Bring a touch of fall into your apartment

Fall is here! It may just be the coziest, most wonderful season of the year and we’re here for it. If your apartment still feels like summer, and you want to change that ASAP, here are some easy DIY decor projects that will help you add a bit of fall coziness to your space.

Pumpkin flower arrangements

If you love the look of pumpkins in fall, you’ll adore these easy to make pumpkin flower arrangements! Basically you’re using a pumpkin as a vase for a thoroughly fall arrangement. We know what you’re thinking, but no carving is required, just a faux pumpkin, acrylic paint and some fresh flowers! To make it last the whole season long, make yours with faux flowers too! Learn how to make one.

DIY fall wall hanging

You can capture the feeling of fall with season-appropriate colours, materials and textures. We love this elegant fall wall hanging project because it looks modern and simple but still screams fall thanks to its earthy colour scheme and seasonal materials. 

Canning ring pumpkins

This craft project is a great way to use up old things you no longer have a use for. If you have a lot of canning rings lying around, you can transform them into little pumpkins! We love that this craft has an industrial-chic look that’s well suited to apartments with a neutral colour scheme. 

Wheat centerpiece

This one’s easy peasy and so pretty. All you need to do is buy some wheat and tie some colored string or twine around the dried wheat bundles. To display them in a truly elegant way, place them standing up inside glass cloches. 

Mason jar luminaries

Cozy sources of light scream fall and so do these adorable mason jar luminaries. It’s like you bottled lightning bugs! They’re easy to make and run on battery power! They’d make a delightful addition to a coffee table, bookshelf display, nightstand or can be used as an attractive centerpiece for a dining room table.

We hope these DIY fall decor masterpieces help you bring a touch of the season into your home.

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