Beginner knitting projects we love

Many of us find ourselves spending a bit more time at home these days. You may want to consider knitting. Knitting is not just for nanas anymore! Knitting is a productive pastime and a great skill set to learn. It can help you develop fine motor skills, you can do it basically anywhere and when you're done, you've created something that can keep you and those you love a little warmer and a lot cozier. Even if you've never picked up a knitting needle, never knit 1 or purled 2, you can handle this. Here are some beginner knitting projects we love.  


Benefits of knitting


In addition to a pair of mittens or a sweater, there are many great benefits of knitting. The focused attention and the rhythmic, repetitive motions are very relaxing. In fact, knitting and meditation offer many of the same benefits, except you will never create a new hat just by chanting a mantra. Like meditation, knitting can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress, slow cognitive decline and even help prevent arthritis and tendinitis!


How to knit


Knitting is one of those skills that can be learned in minutes and mastered over the course of a lifetime. This simple video will go over all of the basic skills you need in order to embark on your knitting journey without getting frustrated and knitting your brow


Confetti scarf


Once you know how to knit and purl, it is time to create and celebrate with this Confetti Scarf. You can choose the colour combination of merino wool that most appeals to you. All you will need #15 knitting needles (circular or straight) and 7 total skeins (coils) of merino wool yarn -- 4 in a neutral base colour and 3 different colours. 


Easy baby booties


These very easy baby booties are a cozy and practical creative project that makes a perfect gift for new parents. It may seem hard to believe, but these snug little booties can be created in about half an hour! 


Chunky knit throw pillow


You will feel even more comfy and cozy this winter when you lay your head on this chunky knit throw pillow that you created all by yourself! You will need 3 different colours of yarn (about half a skein of each colour), #19 knitting needles, a crochet hook, sharp scissors and a square of fabric for the back of the pillow. 


We hope these beginner knitting projects help you take on a fun and practical new skill set!


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