A romantic homemade meal

A Valentine's Day dinner at a crowded, fancy restaurant is probably not on the menu this year. Don't worry, you can still enjoy a romantic homemade meal. It can be the perfect surprise for your Valentine or a great way to spend some quality time together. Our Valentine's Day gift to you is planning out a perfect 4-course meal that's sure to fill your belly and your heart. 


Cheddar-Beer Fondue


Get your Valentine's Day meal off to a rich and gooey start with this Cheddar-Beer Fondue. The beer, sharp cheddar and hint of hot sauce are sure to set a scrumptious tone for your romantic meal. Dipping the bread cubes in the wonderfully warm mixture makes making a little mess a whole lot of fun. 


Red Citrus Salad with Berries, Pears and Pomegranates


This Red Citrus Salad with Berries, Pears and Pomegranates is so beautiful it could almost be used as a decorative centrepiece. 


Citrus-Roasted Salmon


This Citrus-Roasted Salmon is a perfect main course for Valentine's Day. It's delicious and elegant, yet easy to make and ready in less than an hour. It's perfect for V-day because you really don't want to spend all night in the kitchen. 


Cashew 'Ricotta' and Spinach Stuffed Shells


If you're planning a vegan Valentine's Day dinner, these Cashew 'Ricotta' and Spinach Stuffed Shells are perfect. They can be prepared a day in advance so you can save time on the big night. 


Red Velvet Skillet Cookie


Save room for dessert! There's no better way to end a romantic Valentine's Day meal than by sharing this decadent Red Velvet Skillet Cookie. It's a giant, skillet-sized cookie, topped with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Grab two spoons and eat it right out of the skillet while gazing into each other's eyes. 


BentallGreenOak hopes this 4-course Valentine's Day meal plan helps you spend some delicious quality time with your Valentine this year. 


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