How to become a plant parent

Do you have a green thumb? Being a plant parent is not as complicated as it may seem. If you already love bringing fresh arrangements into your home, opting to incorporate living plants instead can save you money and time, and even improve your health. Here are our best tips for caring for plants when you're a newbie plant parent.


Buy low-maintenance plants 


Like people, plants vary when it comes to maintenance. Some are much lower maintenance than others, requiring less water, sunlight, space and attention. If you're a newbie plant parent, start small with a few low-maintenance wonders. We recommend Snake Plants, Aloe Vera, Pothos Plants, and Spider Plants


Set alarms


If the plants you have purchased require particular watering times, set alarms to ensure you don't miss them. You can do this with your cell phone or email calendar. 


Follow instructions carefully and don't overwater


Most plants come with instructions that outline the unique light, space, temperature and water requirements that the plant has. Follow these guidelines to ensure your plant thrives in your home or garden. Do not overwater your plant because that will likely lead to root rot and death.


Repot and nourish


Your plants usually need a new home after you purchase them. The plastic container they came in won't fit the bill for long. Buy a larger pot (1 size larger is a good rule of thumb) that the plant can grow into over time. It's also important to discard some of its original soil and fill in the gaps with fresh soil. Fill up the pot about 1 inch shy from the top.


Talk to them and be kind


Plants aren't people but studies show that they respond positively to talking. The tone of your voice and how you physically interact with them makes an impact on their development. When in doubt, be kind and supportive. 


BentallGreenOak hopes these tips inspire you to bring home some new plants to care for! 


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