4 zero-waste recipes worth trying

The planet is warming and the climate is changing. What we choose to eat has an impact. The food system as it is today produces relatively high levels of climate-altering greenhouse gases. At home, we often waste food because we buy more than we need, cook more than we need, or don't store our food properly. More than 60% of the food Canadians throw away could have been eaten. For the average household, that adds up to about 140 kilograms of wasted food per year. Here are 4 zero-waste recipes worth trying. 


Zero Waste Granola with Dried Blueberries


Start your day the zero-waste way with this tasty Zero Waste Granola. It's easy to make and customizable based on what you have in your cupboards already. If you buy local ingredients in bulk, using a refillable container, you can cut down on your carbon footprint even further. 


Stockpile soup


Stockpile soup puts all those odds and ends in your fridge and pantry to great and tasty use. 

Leftover meat from Sunday dinner can become the base of a super satisfying weeknight soup that also uses up any veggies left in the crisper that aren't so crispy anymore, as well as those almost-finished packages of pasta that have been sitting in your cupboards for ages. You can easily bulk this appetizer up into a meal by serving it with toasted crusts of bread that are going stale. 


Aromatic turkey with blackened Brussels sprouts


After a holiday meal, we're often blessed with heaps of leftovers. The trouble is, we often let our leftovers go to waste after we grow tired of turkey sandwiches. This turkey with blackened Brussels sprouts is a great way to turn holiday leftovers into a waste-free celebration of their own. 


Use-It-Up Vegan Apple Crumble


You may have a few almost-ancient apples laying around, or maybe you spotted a few less-than-perfect pommes on the reduced rack at the local supermarket. Blemishes and bruises are no barrier to the bounty when you make this Use-It-Up Vegan Apple Crumble.

The dish calls for almond pulp. You will have some leftover if you make your own homemade almond milk rather than wasting money on the packaged stuff at the store. When you're done making this dish, the apple peels can be turned into apple scrap vinegar for cooking and cleaning! The circle of life.


We hope these tasty and efficient zero-waste recipes help you reduce waste and save money. 


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